Clumsy Hands

2022 Mar 05

Clumsy Hands


Composed through improvisation, Clumsy Hands was recorded in autumn of 2020 and marked a return to multi-tracking rock tunes solo. A goal of Clumsy Hands was strict anti-perfectionism, leaving most tunes with a single take for each instrument.

This release is about re-establishing a relationship with music using a new methodology. The first three tracks were recorded to serve as score for a few hobby videos. Each were tracked against a rough edit of their respective video starting with drums, then filling out with bass and guitars.

Clumsy Hands is a leaning into the wrinkles, the scabs, and the tangle in defiance of ironed and distilled structure.

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Brandon Sullivan:
music, engineering, artwork

Recorded in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This work © 2022 Brandon Sullivan / Clidesfeld

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