2013 Oct 25



A headfirst charge of slightly raspy tones musing in irony, scoffing almost romantically, and preaching defiantly. Like a less optimistic Placebo or a less pessimistic Smashing Pumpkins. 

Songs recorded on the wane of winter, during the rise and fall of intimacy, and polished over the onset of the warmest fall feelings of fuzz. 

The songs themselves vary in age, some going back as far as 2004, when their author was 15 years old. Some were inventions of the moment or complete transformations from their origin to an unrecognizable melody and pattern of much grander realization. 

It was a collection of tired outbursts, relieved silent victories, disorganized frustrations, and facepalmed worries. An accumulation of sighs.

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Brandon Sullivan:
vocals, guitars, bass, drums, synthesizers, words, production, mixing, photography, design

Ivan Cisneros Reza:

Tom Garneau:

Recorded at Taylor Sound in Minneapolis, Minnesota April-June 2013
This work © 2013 Brandon Sullivan / Clidesfeld

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