That's Not How I Remember It

2022 Dec 02

That's Not How I Remember It


Reimagining songs from 2007-2010, That's Not How I Remember It takes pieces originally recorded in the uncertainty and instability of Clidesfeld's early days and reframes them through a mature, emotive, and sometimes tumultuous lens. In a similar vein as Clidesfeld's previous release Clarity, these stories interpreted anew sometimes take on new meaning or bring out additional insight.

Through these seven tracks lives perspective-shifting regret, all-consuming corruption, young infatuation, cautious optimism, anxiety seeking escape, framework challenges, and ill-tempered abandonment. It's loud, it's rough, it's introspective, it's layered, it's very Clidesfeld.

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Brandon Patrick Sullivan: music, words, production, artwork

Recorded in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This work © 2022 Brandon Sullivan / Clidesfeld

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