You Can Help It

2023 Oct 27

You Can Help It


The ghosts of your past are betting on your inaction.

'You Can Help It' is a noisy, reflective anthology of cautionary tales that confronts you with the hard questions of your unconscious habits and the cycles they lead to. Clidesfeld has always had an obsession with the past stemming from the worry for how it predicts the future.

The yarns spun throughout 'You Can Help It' stretch down into dark and unmonitored grottos of the subconscious, timid for the bites and surprises it might discover but determined to introduce light.

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Brandon Patrick Sullivan: music, words, production, artwork

Xander Moser: mixing

Tom Garneau: mastering

Recorded in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This work © 2022 Brandon Sullivan / Clidesfeld

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